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Lean Manufacturing Opportunity Assessment

Our lean manufacturing opportunity assessment service is intended to assist organizations with identifying specific opportunities in which significant operational performance improvement can be attained and cost savings realized. Our approach includes enabling our clients’ internal teams with the tools required to establish a culture of high performance and continuous improvement. The service consists of four phases which leverage many of the methodologies, tools and concepts associated with “Lean Enterprises”.

Phase One: Project Kickoff and Training

During the first phase of the engagement, BlumShapiro will kick off the project through introductions and development of the attributes of a highly effective lean manufacturing team. The team will be trained in some of the key principles and methods used by lean organizations like Six Sigma and Pareto Analysis. At the same time, we will gather the key operational data required to establish our starting metrics. Typical examples of operational data required by the team would include financial performance metrics, cost data and manufacturing performance metrics (cycle times, WIP, throughput, quality attributes and lead times). Components include:

  • Introductions and team-building sessions
  • Training in lean concepts and Six Sigma
  • Developing our baseline

Phase Two: Data Collection and Process Characterization

Relevant “baseline” reporting data are collected, and the process reviews, interviewing and data analysis are conducted during phase two of the engagement. Our consultants will facilitate team working sessions as we utilize the tools and methodologies we learned in phase one to identify opportunities for productivity improvement. The activities are as follows:

  • Collect relevant financial and operational data by the team
  • Conduct process observations
  • Interview key personnel (managers, supervisors, operators)
  • Conduct data analysis
  • Facilitate team meetings 

Phase Three: Baseline Event and Solution Development

During phase three of the engagement we will focus our efforts on solution development activities with the team and create an action plan to implement the proposed improvements. The teams will also work to quantify the potential benefits associated with each of the major recommendations, and prepare and present to management a “Contract for Change” which assists in institutionalizing a continuous improvement mindset throughout the organization. The activities are as follows:

  • Kaizen walkthrough and current state development
  • Current state completion and root cause development
  • Preliminary solutions
  • Transformation action plan and benefit development
  • Contract for change 

Phase Four: Presentation of Findings

Phase four will include our complete analysis, along with supporting data for our recommendations. Management may conclude that, based on the determination of internal risk, resources and timing, some recommendations may need additional resources for project management and implementation tasks resulting from the assessment.  If needed, we will work with the senior leadership team to help assess the need for project implementation support and create a separate resource plan together.

  • Presentation of Findings and Recommendations
  • Review of our Analysis and Supporting Data
  • Overview of Project Management and Implementation Support

The Lean Manufacturing Opportunity Assessment provides organizations with the facilitation and consulting support they need to transform their business operations and establish a culture of continuous improvement. For assistance during plan execution, BlumShapiro also offers on-site consulting services, including project management and advisory, team facilitation and ongoing implementation support.

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