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Lean Manufacturing Jump-Start


This intensive walkthrough and review is intended to assist organizations in identifying opportunities where significant operational performance improvements can be attained and cost savings realized.

It employs elements of BlumShapiro’s Lean Thinking Methodology and sets the stage for institutionalizing a culture of high performance and continuous improvement. Key elements of the program include:

  • Project Kickoff and Training
  • Data Collection and Process Characterization
  • Application of Lean Manufacturing Techniques
  • Solution Development
  • Presentation of Project Findings

Unlike other programs that provide canned solutions to client organizations, this program uses information provided by participants to develop implementable solutions that can transform their organizations.


This program is intended for teams comprised of senior management and key staff members. However, if a team focused on continuous improvement within the organization already exists within the client company, those staff members may be appropriate attendees.

Goals of the Program:

  • To understand the basic elements of Lean Thinking and begin identifying opportunities in which improvements can be made within the client’s organization
  • To "jump-start" a Lean Manufacturing and Continuous Improvement process within a client organization
  • To begin the process of institutionalizing a culture of continuous improvement

Organization of the Program:

Key elements of this five-day program follow: 


  • Introductions and Team Building Sessions
  • Training in Lean Thinking Concepts
  • Developing our Baseline

DAYS 2-4

  • Obtaining Financial and Operational Data
  • Conducting Process Observations
  • Interviewing Key Personnel
  • Conducting Data Analysis
  • Solution Development


  • Review of our Analysis and Supporting Data
  • Presentation of Project Findings and Recommendations
  • Continuous Improvement (Keeping it Alive)
  • Program Wrap-Up (Taking the Next Steps)

The Lean Manufacturing Jump-Start provides BlumShapiro clients with the facilitation and consulting support they need to build a foundation for an ongoing continuous improvement program leveraging the key concepts embodied within Lean Enterprises. For assistance during plan execution, BlumShapiro also offers on-site consulting services, including project advisory, team facilitation and ongoing plan reviews.

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